RF Testing Facts You Need to Know

02 Feb

All electronics and appliances come with radiofrequency. RF in RF testing means radiofrequency. If you say radiofrequency, you are referring to any frequency that is within the electromagnetic spectrum. The said spectrum is associated with the propagation of the radio wave. When an antenna is supplied with a radiofrequency current, you create an electromagnetic field. This, in turn, propagates through a given space. As mentioned, many appliances, electronics, and other wireless technologies are created using the concept of RF field propagation. Such frequencies comprise the entire electromagnetic radiation spectrum at this link.

In essence, electromagnetic radiation comprises waves of magnetic energy and electric energy that radiate or move together through space with the speed of light. When you take all of these things together, you consider all of these forms of electromagnetic energy as the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwaves and radio waves that come from antennas are one type or form of electromagnetic energy. Any presence of radiofrequency or electromagnetic energy can be referred to as radiofrequency field or electromagnetic field. Check out this website at http://www.ehow.com/slideshow_12254966_2013-consumer-electronics-show-whats-new-tech.html for more info about electronics.


Any radiofrequency field comes with both magnetic and electric components. You also refer to them as magnetic and electric fields, respectively. Usually, units that are specific to each component of the radiofrequency are what is used to express or define the RF environment intensity at any given location. For instance, if you measure the strength of the magnetic field, you use the unit amperes per meter or A/m. On the other hand, if you measure the strength of the electric field, you use the unit volts per meter or V/m.

You can characterize radiofrequency waves as either a frequency or a wavelength. If you say frequency, you are referring to the number of electromagnetic waves that pass at any given point for every unit of time. On the other hand, if you say wavelength, you are referring to the distance that an electromagnetic wave in a complete cycle covers. Be sure to read more here!

In radiofrequency signals, the frequency is expressed using the hertz unit or Hz. One cycle per second is equal to one hertz. Meanwhile, one million cycles per second are equal to one megahertz or MHz. Different electromagnetic energy forms are categorized accordingly based on their frequencies and wavelengths. In an electromagnetic spectrum, it is a part of a spectrum where you can find electromagnetic waves that have frequencies in the range between three kilohertz and three-hundred kilohertz.

For radiofrequency functional testing, there are many RF contract manufacturing companies that you can rely on. Make sure to go with certified and experienced companies in the industry. Only then can you be sure to get the most accurate results for all of your radiofrequency functional testing needs.

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